Quality Plan

Dextera’s Quality Plan will ensure that the contract performance meets or exceeds the requirements of all performancebased statements of work associated with all Dextera contracts. Our Quality Assurance (QA) approach applies disciplined measurement of our performance to contract metrics with continual improvements in processes. This provides our clients with the highest quality of service throughout the contract life. The foundation of our Quality Plan centers on ISO 9001 protocols that stress quality improvement through increasing efficiency, the reduction of costs, and customer satisfaction.

Dextera’s QA approach accomplishes the following primary objectives, ensuring that quality and regulatory requirements are integrated into our own Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality Principles

We ensure that quality principles are part of each project.

Implement QA Policies and Procedures

We ensure policies and procedures are followed and establish the infrastructure for implementation of key procedures, including customer satisfaction, corrective action, continuous process improvement, preventive action, risk management, and formal inspections.

Performance Monitoring

We ensure that the project team meets or exceeds the performance standards, and that metrics are collected in a complete and timely manner.

Status Reports

We ensure that the project team reports (i.e., Quality Control Matrices for each PRST item, Technical Reports, and Monthly Narrative Reports) are delivered in accordance with all contract clauses.