What We Offer

Dextera Corporation provides program management, records management, and consulting services for federal clients. As a small business, Dextera’s core staff uses our ingenuity, experience within the government contracting environment, and entrepreneurial spirit to build strong and collaborative relationships with our clients. Our goal is to become a recognized leading service provider within our core business area. Please click the links to the right to learn more about Dextera’s major business services.


Dextera’s experience in program management includes acquisition support, budget development, financial management and tracking, and technical subject matter expertise. Dextera associates work closely with our clients' program managers, providing expert program assistance for the acquisition of facilities and equipment to support research and development, depot maintenance, and government-owned/contractor-operated facilities. Dextera provides management support to the Program, Planning, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process by participating in technical reviews, managing project workflow, and reporting/tracking financial execution.

In addition, Dextera provides business management, financial management, and technical support for long-term projects and strategic initiatives. Dextera has also supported custom software applications from start to finish, including requirements definition, application testing, trouble call resolution, and end user training.


Dextera’s quality assurance experience includes the development and implementation of Quality Assurance Programs, Quality Control, and Reporting Metrics for root cause and trend analysis. We provide our clients with an independent assessment using a QA program based on the American National Standards Institute ANSI/ ASQC Q9003-1994 and Z1.4-1993 standards for inspection. Our assessment allows us to develop a personnel training program tailored to each client that focuses on areas needing improvement, ensuring quality process improvements based on well-defined metrics.

Dextera implements quality assurance by establishing policies and procedures that have specific defined purposes and performance metrics that are auditable and measurable. We manage business process improvement/reengineering by clearly establishing the process baseline and testing process changes prior to implementation.


Dextera’s experience in records management includes knowledge of records management policies and the operational capability to support all aspects of the records management life cycle. We assist our clients with developing and implementing records management policies, standard operating procedures, and communication plans that establish the performance and quality requirements for their Records Management Programs. We establish an implementation framework that identifies all the steps needed to integrate a user-friendly records management plan that also helps your information management programs become compliant with privacy act, E-government, paperwork reduction act, and government elimination act processes and initiatives.

Dextera has developed a versatile records management strategic plan that complies with 44 USC and 36 CFR and focuses on a comprehensive records management program's critical requirements. We help you with business process development and/or reengineering to establish an agency-wide records management process, including policy documents and manuals defining records procedures for your programs.